About the quality control of the parts in our factory, there are some issues we want to share with you about FQC (final quality inspection), we are following below rules:
1.1 For batch quantity ≥100pcs, 5 pieces must be checked for full dimension& characteristic inspection for each batch.
1.2 For batch quantity<100pcs, 2 to 3 pieces must be checked for full dimension& characteristic inspection for each batch.
If any Nonconformity is found, it is demanded to increase the sampling quantity or  hundred percent inspection depending on the importance of the dimensions or characteristics.
PS.  For key dimensions ( with strict tolerance ,  dimensions for mating or assembly ) , they will be 100% checked before FQC.  
       The casting blanks dimensions are checked also following above rules before being put into production.
2. During the machining , we have FOI ( first off inspection- first piece inspection by inspector before the shift ) , OPI ( operator inspection by himself ) and IPI (Inspector in process inspection- every two hours ).

3. The first FOI of each shift is confirmed.

4.Records should be made for spot-check and first piece inspection.

5. Final inspection of finished products – 10% of the total number of spot inspections

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