We can supply ONE-STOP service to customers from die casting, machining to surface treatment. Time and cost will be saved for you.

There are 12 die casting machines and furnaces in factory. The casting machine specification is from 200 ton, 400 ton to 800 tons.  The capacity is over 25 tons per month.  The furnace size is 500 Kg.

There are 15 professional engineers whose experience over 8 years. We can supply feasible analysis for you. Speed and precision are our aim.

Casting pouring simulation can be supplied if it’s needed. Melting filling the mold and cooling status (speed and consequence) are clearly

simulated, concentration of over heat positions and potential casting shrinkage can be early identified and  avoid by pre-actions. 

What we supplied is high precision customized part of vehicle and machinery. It is sure that we can bring value to you.

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